Board of Directors

The Canadian Association of Police Governance Directors are elected by the Members at the annual meeting. Each Director is elected to hold office for a two year term and when their term expires they are eligible to submit nomination papers to be elected for another two-year term. In accordance with the CAPG By-Laws, the Board is comprised of representatives of the geographic regions of Canada represented by its Members. The Nominations Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of directors for election by the Members. If there is more than one eligible candidate for the same seat then an election by the members present is held at the Annual General Meeting.


The Executive, as approved by the Directors for the 2018-2019 term

Mary Ann Silverthorn

Mary Anne Silverthorn, President

Woodstock Police Services Board


Sandy Smallwood, Vice President

Ottawa Police Services Board ON


Micki Ruth, Treasurer

Edmonton Police Commission

Brian Boudreau

Brian Boudreau, Secretary

Saint John Board of Police Commissioners

Jennifer Malloy

CAPG Executive Director

The Board of Directors, as elected by the membership at the 2018 Annual General Meeting

First Nations


Ron Skye

Kahnawake Peacekeepers Services Board

Dan Bellegarde

File Hills Board of Police Commissioners

British Columbia

John Rizzuti

John Rizzuti

BC Association of Police Boards


Roy Goodall

Roy Goodall, CD2, ICD.D


Marcel Roy

Marcel Roy

Weyburn Board of Police Commissioners


Darlene Brander

Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners


Alicja Szarkiewicz

Alicja Szarkiewicz

Winnipeg Police Board



Councillor Michael Vagnini

Greater Sudbury Police Services Board

Nova Scotia

Wayne Talbot

Wayne Talbot

Truro Board of Police Commissioners

Carole McDougall

Carole McDougall

Halifax Board of Police Commissioners

CAPG Conference 2019

2019 CAPG Conference