Chief decries RCMP slowness in setting up MMIW database

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 @ 11:28AM


Chief Denise Restoule of the Dokis First Nation expressed deep disappointment when she learned that the RCMP was at least two years late in setting up the data base for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.

“Families need answers now,” said Chief Restoule.  “There are close to 1200 women who have been identified as missing and their families want to know what happened to them so they can do closure and move on with their lives. These women are someone’s daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins and they deserve our dignity and respect.”

The Harper Conservative government announced in 2010 that the RCMP would set up a national database in 2013 to assist investigations for murdered and missing Aboriginal women. The purpose of this national data base was to assist police forces solve cases and to help Aboriginal families find much needed answers to the fate of their missing members.

According to the CBC National News broadcast of August 31, 2015, CBC determined through an Access to Information request that this RCMP data base experienced technical difficulties and is two years late and will be $2.4 million over budget. No cases have been solved yet because this data base in not functioning. Furthermore, DNA profiles will not be available till 2017.

The President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, when interviewed by CBC and broadcast on August 31, 2015 stated that desperate families need answers.

National Chief Bellegarde who was interviewed for the same broadcast regretted that the government does not take First Nation issues seriously.

CBC also interviewed Prime Minister Harper for this broadcast and he stated that his government has a whole range of methods including prevention to deal with the issue of Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has committed to holding a national inquiry into Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women and New Democratic Leader Mulcair announced his plan to assist Aboriginal women on August 31, 2015.

Canada’s Premiers have supported the First Nation leadership in their call for a national inquiry into Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women and repeated their support in a letter to Prime Minister Harper at their annual Conference in July 2015.

Chief Restoule concluded that this is a serious issue that concerns Canadians and she hoped that the new government to be elected this October addresses it.

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