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Webinars 2018

March 26, 2018 |

12:00pm EST

The Toronto Police Service Transformational Task Force

with Staff Superintendent Frank Bergen

April 2018 Protecting the Victims: What Boards & Commissions need to Know about Victims Services Program RegisterNow-630x140
May 2018 Mental Health and Police Resources: Peel Study RegisterNow-630x140
June 2018 Planning and budget development for police services RegisterNow-630x140
July 2018 Lost in Transition: VPD interactions with vulnerable populations – 10 years later what has changed? RegisterNow-630x140
August 2018 Recruiting, Retaining and Promoting Tomorrows Leaders RegisterNow-630x140
September 2018 Strategic Planning and Adapting to Change RegisterNow-630x140
October 2018 Board self-evaluation – Asking the right Questions RegisterNow-630x140
November 2018 Economics of Policing: Complexity & Costs in Canada RegisterNow-630x140
December 2018 Police Service Performance Measurement and What the Research Tells Us RegisterNow-630x140

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