What is the Learning Portal?

The CAPG Learning Portal is an exclusive feature of CAPG membership, so if you have not explored it yet, click here and begin today!

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Stay Informed: Delivering key resources and training for new and seasoned board and commission members, the CAPG Learning Portal provides members with a user-friendly tool allowing them to keep informed on best practices relating to policing policy and police governance.

Engage: Members can leverage the Discussion Forum to engage with the CAPG Community and seek guidance in matters of importance to their organizations.

Knowledge Sharing: Members can use the CAPG Learning Portal searchable database when seeking guidance for their organization, in developing policy or stay abreast on the latest from the police governance sector. Members can also upload information you feel will be beneficial to other CAPG Members.

Registration is quick and easy, and we have a short instructional video to show first-timers how to navigate the site.

Questions? Contact Us: conference@capg.ca

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